Paved Surfaces for Hotels

So, you’re in charge of hotel maintenance. Paving is going to be a massive part of your responsibilities. Not only do hotels need quality paved surfaces, but they also have a particular responsibility to make all these paved surfaces high quality. After all, hotels succeed not only when they look after customers efficiently, but when they offer a modicum of luxury too. For more upmarket hotels, the imperative to have the absolute best seal-coated asphalt paving in the parking lot, or a luxury concrete paved path (with ornaments) leading to the main entrance – for example – is very strong indeed.

This is perhaps what distinguishes the paving requirements of a hotel from many other properties – it needs to impress the guests and not only be practical and efficient.

The Aesthetic Dimension

Hotels need to look good. A perfectly functional parking lot paved surface, for example, might well be totally functional, but it falls short of standards if it doesn’t – to put it most simply – look good! It is all about creating an inviting environment for guests and for ensuring that the hotel isabove allattractive. Certainly, the aesthetic dimension is much more important when it comes to hotels.

Parking Lot Pros, parking lot paving experts out of Texas, say that you make certain aesthetic stipulations to your paving contractor before embarking on the work. For example, ornamental concrete paving for any landscaped areas should be insisted upon. And even for more functional spaces, such as parking lots, you should be sure that the area doesn’t resemble, for example, a supermarket or office parking lot. This is a hotel – you need to invite people in.

Customer Assumptions

It’s hard to give direct aesthetic tips on what precisely you should order from a paving company – it all depends on what type of hotel is being run, what its architectural style is and, of course, how much of budget you have for a both installation and repairs. Nevertheless, market research has let us know what type of assumptions guests will make about a hotel based upon its appearance. Knowing what these are can prove to be an invaluable guide.

It is all about the exterior. If a customer sees a lacking exterior, they will make assumptions about the level of service offered within the hotel. Worse, they could think that a shabby exterior is reflected inside. A few potholes in the parking lot might get them thinking also about dirty bathtubs or pillows that are not fresh inside.

Ultimately, it’s all about the first impression. That is a constant across many different businesses.


Any safety standards that fail to be met open you upto real disaster. At best, these will simply drive customers away or to make assumptions about the hotel as whole. At worst, you could end up getting sued.

Again, consider the first impression, and be sure to do what you can to repair cracks and problems in the outdoor space. This a fairly standard paving job, but it must be done to perfection. You might solve the safety issue by filling in a pothole with a differently colored asphalt or concrete, but the aesthetic appeal of your hotel will still be spoiled.


As a final point, consider the environment around your hotel. If there is a lot of greenery and natural or landscape settings, then it might not be the best idea to pave a jet-black asphalt surface right in the middle of it. In such cases, and as an aesthetic choice, you might well go with concrete instead.

With it comes to paving for hotels, you want it to do the job – but also look attractive.

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