Why You Shouldn’t Overlook the Importance of Rain Gutters

In some parts of the country, you will see many homes without rain gutters. Take Florida, for instance. It is not mandatory to have rain gutters on homes in that state,so many homes simply do not have them. But is this a good idea? After all, it is not as though Florida doesn’t get rain. In fact, Florida is actually one of the wettest states, despite being dubbed the Sunshine State.

During the summer it rains heavily in Florida every afternoon for around 15-20 minutes, and many believe that this heavy rain is the reason most homes don’t have guttering. That sounds crazy, but they are of the opinion that guttering is not designed for such heavy rain. Furthermore, the fact that the soil in Florida is sandy and absorbs moisture quickly, and coupled with the fact that Florida homes don’t have basements, means that many people feel that guttering is unnecessary. But is that the case?

Why Guttering is Important

The experts at Global Gutter Systems have a wealth of experience when it comes drainage gutter systems. They say that the right gutter system can easily handle heavy rain. After all, this is what gutters are designed to do. They also say that neglecting to have them on your home could be a costly mistake.

What many homeowners fail to realize is that even though rainwater is absorbed quickly in the sandy Florida soil, it could still be having a detrimental impact on their home. If water is allowed to repeatedly fall so close to the home, it could, over time, cause cracks in the foundation, which could then lead to subsidence.

It does not matter whether homes are built on concrete foundations or pads, avoiding water collecting around the base of the home is always advisable. Concrete absorbs water, and if the foundations were to crack then the cost to repair this damage would be massive.

It is not just the foundations you need to worry about either. Think about rainwater falling from the roof of your home if you did not have a gutter system in place. It would likely fall along the walls of the home and cause them to become damp or ruin the sidings. If water is allowed to continuously fall along the side of the home, it can permeate the walls, causing mold to grow.

A gutter system is designed to catch rainwater and direct it away from the home to a designated drain. By doing this, you will ensure that soil around the property is not subjected to constant erosion.

How a Good Quality Gutter System Can Help

While there are obvious issues with the heavy rain that tends to fall in some states such as Florida, despite what many think, a drainage gutter system is not redundant. If a good quality system using suitable materials and of the right sizeis installed, it can make all the difference.

It is best to avoid a DIY gutter installation in states such as Florida as this usually involves the cheapest materials because they are easier to work with, being lighter and easier to cut.

To manage the heavy rainfall experienced in areas like Florida, gutter systems should be larger than the standard size. A sufficient number of downspouts will be needed with an effective drainage system below.

A properly installed gutter system will ensure that rainwater is kept away from the foundations as well as the fascia and sidings. It will also ensure that rainwater from the roof does not saturate the people below as they come in and out of the house!

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