George Scorsis: His Success Journey as CEO at WeedMD

The cannabis industry is a complex and complicated field for business. But with a knowledgeable leader, firms in the cannabis industry can thrive. That’s why big organizations in the sector appointed great CEO such as George scorsis. But it wasn’t a random appointment; George’s journey to acquiring the sit proves him a perfect fit.

Here is the success journey of George scorsis as CEO at WeedMD.

Three years before Canada fully legalized cannabis, GeorgeScorsis Florida entered the cannabis industry. He emphasized wellness over recreation use at Mettrum, which is how his success journey started.

Due to his experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry, George was named the CEO of WeedMD. But before that, George was working as the president and CEO of Red Bull Canada. At Red Bull, George rebuilt the company from an operational and topographical view that the company’s income to $150 million. And although he has retired, George is interested in the Florida business scene. That puts Florida businesses in better places because George is an experienced leader who can offer invaluable advice.

Additionally, George has a lengthy background in the cannabis industry, where he was the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences for 15 years. At Liberty Health Sciences, George expanded marijuana platforms in the United States. Also, as the president of red bull Canada, George worked with health authorities to categorize energy drinks and develop rules for caffeinated beverages.

Moreover, scorsis was the CEO of the cannabis educational center. As the CEO, he opened three dispensaries that provide free 24-hour delivery in Florida. Also, since the customers are the main priority, the business focuses on delivering an excellent customer service experience.

As the president of Liberty Health Sciences, George brought expertise in the marijuana industry due to his extensive experience in the cannabis and alcohol industries. His expertise has made it easier for patients to remain safe while taking the drugs. Also, George has made it possible to create a corporate distribution in a volatile market.

Also, George served as chairman of Schythian bioscience Corp., i.e. a research company dedicated to developing a treatment for severe brain injury. Additionally, George has been a generous giver to the Agincourt Food Bank. That gives him an insight into social responsibilities, and he has been active in community activities for years. That includes a long history of involvement in charity work and volunteerism.

In the past, George worked as the president of Mettrum Health Corp., which created MettrumTM and MetrrumTM originals. However, the company was sold in 2016 for $430 million. As the Mettrum wellness CEO, George had a good record in the marijuana industry.

Because of the above achievement, George was named the CEO of WeedMD. As the CEO, George. As the executive chairman of WeedMD, George commits to ensuring patients and consumers are safe when using cannabis products. The CEO position has allowed George to grow as a successful businessman.

After successfully guiding WeedMD through the acquisition of Starseed, George has proven to be a highly experienced leader in the highly regulated marijuana industry. In recent years, George has diversified by acquiring a production facility in Ontario. At WeedMD, Scorsis focuses on the medical side of the business.


Gorge scorsis is an experienced leader in the cannabis industry. He has been successful in managing various business in the cannabis industry. That experience and success made him the perfect fit as the WeedMD CEO.

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