Tips for College Students with ADHD

It is only relatively recently that a better understanding of ADHD has emerged within the medical community. Yet even so, there is still so much about it that we do not know. We do not know, for example, what causes ADHD, although it is thought to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. 

These environmental factors prove especially important in figuring out precisely how ADHD affects a person. What really determines how a person experiences ADHD is the environment they need to navigate with the condition.

The environmental factors of ADHD are necessary to make the distinction between childhood, adolescent, and adult ADHD. ADHD is experienced pretty differently within different age groups, and the reason for this is that the environment changes as people age.

For example, childhood ADHD is determined by the environmental factors of childhood. In childhood, a person is not independent and can rely on parental aid. However, they also lack the wherewithal to personally implement strategies for coping with the condition.

In adulthood the reverse is a true. An adult ADHD sufferer needs to do things likehold down a job or a relationship. There is much more at stake, but then the person is also older and more able to implement coping strategies to effectively manage the condition.

Adolescents and college students with ADHD occupy a sort of middle space. This is the point of life where ADHD can be pretty disruptive as it can interrupt the education that determines the rest of a person’s professional life. Nevertheless, a young person can also take some responsibility in managing the condition.

ADHD at this stage of life is characterized by the unique environmental factors that come with school and college. Moreover, for ADHD sufferers with this condition, it is all about navigating this challenging and important time, employing coping mechanisms and seeking the help needed to make it through.

Challenges of College for ADHD Sufferers

There is no getting away from the fact that many of the things which those with ADHD often suffer from are precisely those things which college demands. Attention, proper time management, managing stress, and emotions – these are all challenges for those with ADHD.

Nevertheless, you can get through it if you plan ahead and give yourself any extra leeway that might be necessary. Next Level Daily, a company producing an ADHD daily journal planner, say that these products can be especially useful. It is all about putting a bit of extra structure into each day and working towards long-term college goals.

Tips for College Students with ADHD

Avoid Getting Sidetracked

Getting sidetracked is the biggest killer for your time management. It is good to plan out everything you need to do in minute detail. For example, if you aim to leave the house an hour after you get up, set a timer for this, and assign tasks to each part of the hour.

Work With Urgency

For many with ADHD, urgency is the only way a task is going to get done. This mean that sometimes, you might decide to get to work on that essay just before its due. How you can plan this so that you still have enough time! Do not ignore the urge to procrastinate – use it.

Be Visual

This might not work for everybody but using a lot of different colors in your planner and creating visual aids can make the daily plan all that easier to follow.

There is no denying that college is a challenge for those with ADHD, but millions find success at it every day, and there is no reason you can’t either.