5 Types of Jobs for Which Cam Straps Are Invaluable

Are you familiar with the humble cam strap? If so, you know that cam straps are frequently discussed in the context of outdoor adventures. Overlanders are big fans of them. So are kayakers, white water rafters, campers, and hikers. But why stop at outdoor sports? Cam straps are pretty good for other things too.

Rollercam is a leading brand of cam buckle straps popular with outdoor enthusiasts. The brand’s designers say that their straps are also popular among certain types of jobs. They say there are professionals to whom the straps are invaluable. Below are five examples.

1. Professional Movers

Professional movers have a big responsibility. Their customers trust them with all sorts of valuables. From furniture to electronics and boxes of dishes, everything on a moving truck must be kept securely in place. Not only that, but it also needs to be protected from road vibrations.

Smart movers rely on a combination of cam straps and moving blankets to protect their valuable cargo. Moving blankets absorb shock and prevent fragile items from bumping up against hard objects. Cam straps keep everything secure during transport.

2. Lawncare Providers

Lawncare service is big business, especially in southern states. A typical lawncare specialist drives a pickup truck with a trailer towed behind. On that trailer are a selection of mowers, trimmers, edgers, and other pieces of equipment. Securing each piece in place with cam straps is pretty smart. Especially since the straps can be deployed quickly and easily.

3. Painters

Professional painters are known to drive pickup trucks and vans. They carry tons of equipment with them, including ladders. Cam straps are especially valuable for securing ladders in place. Whether it is on top of a van or in the bed of a truck, a ladder secured with straps isn’t going anywhere.

Cam straps can also be put to use securing air compressors and scaffolding parts. A couple of well-placed straps can hold cans of paint securely in place. The options are too numerous to list in a single post.

4. Roofers

Just like painters, roofers carry a lot of equipment in their trucks and vans. They can use cam straps the same way painters do. But they can also do some other things as well.

For example, cam straps do a particularly good job of lashing multiple bundles of roofing tiles together prior to hauling them up to the roof. The straps can double as tethers to prevent tools from falling off the roof. When tarps are laid down to protect a partially finished roof overnight, cam straps can keep the tarps in place.

5. Caterers

Caterers have been known to save the day when party guests are hungry and tired. A good meal goes a long way to putting smiles back on sad faces. But more often than not, caterers prepare food off-site rather than on location. The food needs to be transported in between.

Cam straps are ideal for securing coolers, storage containers, and other equipment. They are the perfect choice for tying down beer kegs and soft drink canisters. On location, they can double as tiedowns for tarps and tents. Wherever a caterer would otherwise use rope or bungee cords, cam straps make a great substitute.

It is true that cam straps are popular with the outdoor crowd. But they are also invaluable to all sorts of trades and professions. It’s a wonder more people don’t set their ropes and bungee cords aside in favor of these handy little straps. They work so well, they are easy to use, and they don’t cost a fortune.